Account-Based Analytics: Systems of engagement

It’s true. The BI industry still has a huge adoption rate issue (  So how can we align our workforce from an account-based prospective? Even if we have all the data now, and we can group and provide advanced analytics – who cares if no one is engaging with the insights?

As systems of intelligence advance in the enterprise, as Jerry Chen, of Greylock Partners, notes in this post,, old and new systems of engagement must align to generate value.

At any rate, systems of intelligence need to interact with knowledge workers to drive action. Not all systems of intelligence will interact with your workforce directly (some may be focused on machine to machine interaction), but for the ones that do, there needs to be an almost zero cost to value for your knowledge workers to understand how it works and to derive insights.

At Dynamo, we breakdown systems of engagement in two prongs for knowledge worker interaction to increase adoption.

  1. Analysis automation – there needs to be a near zero cost to value for the vast majority knowledge workers to ascertain the insights. We believe insights that were derived from various data mining and advanced analytic techniques need to be generated in natural language for highest adoption rate.
  2. Accessibility – there needs to be a near zero cost to value for knowledge workers to rapidly leverage insights. All insights need to be available where your work force already works, do not add in another system for your workforce to learn. Unless there’s such an enormous value to beat the cost to value.

That’s it – there’s plenty of systems your workforce uses already. When evaluating new providers, make sure they seamlessly work with your existing workflows for highest success rates and knowledge is given in natural language within those apps.

That’s the quick gist – As always, just trying to find right, not act right. Welcome feedback.

Team Dynamo.

Account-Based Analytics: What is it and what’s the point?

Account-based analytics is a B2B data strategy that aligns internal and external information to measure and optimize business impact from a target account prospective. B2B firms are rapidly infusing the “account-based” centric model across functions including marketing, sales and customer success to align knowledge worker’s efforts to win, keep and grow their best accounts. Account-Based analytics is a method to measure and optimize those efforts cohesively.

This makes total sense to Dynamo, B2B firms should build and serve their accounts (not from an individualistic/B2C prospective).  The account-based mantra is not stopping at the revenue half of the enterprise, other functional areas such as finance and operations and can align their efforts to firm’s target accounts for all knowledge workers to think account first.

As such, firms adopting an account-based approach to their B2B endeavors need an analytics stack and practice to measure and optimize performance from this prospective every day. Dynamo believes Account-Based Analytics will continue to rapidly transplant and complement traditional B2B data strategies with the overall arching mission to align workforce activities to win, keep and grow their best accounts.

Is the idea of serving our account the best we can a new idea, absolutely not! But, the technology and tools now available have made it much more attainable to truly deliver this promise to every knowledge worker operating in a B2B firm in a seamless intuitive way. We’re excited to share everything we know and are working on within the emerging Account-Based Analytics landscape and happy to be a part of the puzzle with Dynamo’s on-demand account briefing service for B2B teams.

As alway we’re just trying to find right, not act right. Let us know your thoughts.

Team Dynamo