Custom LLM guardrails and observability

To address emerging regulatory requirements, enterprises need a solution for enforcing their bespoke governance policies to prevent misuse, while auditing LLM usage in real time. With DynamoGuard, compliance, legal, infosec, and product teams can copy-and-paste their AI governance policies into DynamoGuard. DynamoGuard will flag edge-cases for compliance teams to help fine-tune DynamoGuard to enforce your bespoke governance policies. Deploy DynamoGuard in real-time to moderate and flag non-compliant LLM interactions.


Customize Policies in Natural Language

Directly describe your internal AI policies in natural language within DynamoGuard to autogenerate guardrails customized for your business


Guardrail against Emerging Attacks

Defend against any type of risky input / output across PII leakage, toxic content, jailbreaking, prompt injection attacks. Identify / defend against any type of non-compliance as defined by your specific AI policies


End to End Observability

Capture live user interactions and generate real-time analytics / alerts to monitor non-compliant LLM interactions. Audit searchable user logs for comprehensive documentation.


Minimal Latency & Compute Overhead

DynamoGuard offers best-in-class guardrails that both minimize latency overhead and cost, while beating LlamaGuard's F1-score in areas such as toxicity detection.

Dynamo AI