Pre-built infrastructure with embedded Eval, Enhance, and Guard capabilities

Dynamo AI clients can deploy their Generative AI solutions, using our pre-built infrastructure, within their environment. This enables deployment up to 3x faster for common business use cases, while maintaining complete security and compliance.


Cross-Industry - Contact Center Assistant

Retrieve key customer information to quickly resolve support cases.

Cross-Industry - Customer Onboarding & Support

Receive technical support and guidance towards secure, compliance-ready AI adoption

Cross-Industry - Multilingual Customer Support

Provide customer support in native languages and cultures across English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and 12 others.

Financial Services - Claims Processing and Fraud Detection

Securely optimize claims processing and detect fraud, analyzing documents for inconsistencies.

Financial Services - Credit Score Calculations & Risk Assessment

Provide secure, compliant analysis and scoring of credit risk, leveraging financial data to predict outcomes effectively.

Financial Services - Fraud Detection

Deploy secure, compliant solutions to identify and counteract banking fraud through advanced pattern recognition and modeling.

Financial Services - Personal Wealth Advisory

Guide customers to smarter financial decisions in a secure and compliant way.

Financial Services - Quote & Policy Generation

Automate insurance quote and policy generation, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Media - Content Generation

Create guardrails around AI content generation, enabling content creators to craft compelling narratives within safe industry standards.

Media - Language Translation

Break language barriers in global media with secure, compliant real-time translation services, ensuring broad content accessibility.